Close to my window
Straw by straw she built her home
Now she waits for cracks


A rendezvous

For a while, come lose yourself to my essence
Just for a while, let me merge into you so,
That my heart controls the blood in your veins
Let me look into you so,
That my mind controls the movement of your limbs

Just for a while,
Let my thoughts drive you insane
Let my feelings surge inside you

Not forever, just for a while
Let me take over
Let me make it last for a lifetime for you

It will only be a few moments for me
But in those few moments,
Not once will your heart beat without me
Not once will you breathe without me
I will be solely yours
I will be your soul

And you can indulge into me for a while
Like there is no tomorrow
Because tomorrow is uncertain for you
Because tomorrow, you will loose yourself to the oblivion
While I will live on

You will fade away
While I will find another you

Her Destiny

photo 1


Today, she was wilder than anything that the rocks were used to.

She shattered any stone that dared to hinder her way.

She wasn’t blue because she was melancholy

No, instead, she was tired of waiting for him

She was on her way to merge with her destiny now.

She was stalking towards him, furious that he hadn’t come yet

But eager, because he was her soul mate

The one she had been designed to meet

It was this eagerness from which she derived her colors.

Beautiful, deep, unending, unmatched colors

Drops of Solace


Sure? Maybe?

Confused? nah!

somewhere midway.

I walk.I feel my soaked clothes sticking to every line of my body. A sudden wave of wind makes me shudder. I listen to a song in a language I do not understand. It allows my thoughts to float. I dislike utter silence. Damp grass smells good. It had been raining. It was the sound of the rain that made me want music I did not understand.


Penpaperpoetry & Words

How pleasing they are sometimes,

How prepousterous they are sometimes

Like the nightingale’s music sometimes,

Like the frog’s cacophony sometimes.


Thought over twice sometimes,

Thoughtless sometimes

Paint pictures sometimes,

Shatter sometimes!


Proud sometimes,

Moaning sometimes

Solite sometimes

Mischievous sometimes.


Intriguing sometimes

Ignorant sometimes

Sung sometimes

Puked sometimes


Lost sometimes

Exuberant sometimes

Sighs of the heart sometimes

Sometimes blots,of ink!