Love as a Deceiver

Do you still pick out your peas from your meals?

Have you learnt to walk in heels?

Are you still afraid of the stage?

How is it that you still don’t age?


The twinkle in your eyes sings to my soul

and ten years without you roll

like a film before my eyes

back to three years with you, filled with lies.


And when you had shut the door behind you

broken, brave, fierce and true,

my lungs, like a leaf in snow went dry.

Guilt denied the privilege to cry.


Today, as you sit in a far corner of your favorite barista

with faces I know not, I face a familiar dilemma

as a drowned heart comes back to life

and flies to you while I prepare for another dive.


For you scorned a heart that scorned your love,

turned your back when I begged you to forgive.

Now no longer the moth attracted to fire,

you know better than to trust him who was once a liar.


But do you still get lost because you cannot remember routes?

Did your sister convince you let go of the blue boots?

Does it still infuriate you when people trudge?

Have you finally learnt to let go of a grudge?