Love as a Pessimist

Come, claim a life that was never really yours.
Wipe her tears with the sweep of your thumb.
Bask in glory when she giggles at something you whispered in her ear.
Hide, when she tries to hide you in her arms.
Rest your head in her lap as she reads aloud the haiku she wrote.
Blush a little when she caresses your cheek and tells you its for you.
Calm her down when a nightmare disturbs her sleep.
Shed a tear when the protagonist of her beloved novel dies.
Lace your fingers around hers as you stroll through streets you grew up in.
But the hands in your wrist watch will turn eternally.
You claimed a life that was never really yours
Turn your eyes as she walks a road you can never step on.
Clench your heart as oblivion devours the depths of her heart.
Live, even as the hope in you dies,
Because the life you claimed was never really yours.