Safety:a satire

Sure,Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

But the beholder may not always be capable of beholding the innocence of beauty!






Vicious cachinnate  drenched the air

Intoxicated,her body bare

The cacodaemons hovered over her

while the cars raced ahead in a blur

Those who stopped,

stood and watched..



She abused, rampageous !

the the demons mused,glorious!

The more the cameraman filmed,

the more his virtue shrinked.

Not once did the reporter intervene

Rather,showed to the world what he had seen..



TRP was high,profit was forked

The passers by,her screams that echoed

All broadcasted on national television

like porn,with no aversion..



They say she should live to fight

That girl who had been modified into a sight

for all to see.

But why should she be?

To file a suit that will go on for ages?

To identify the animals the police cages?

to relive the memory if ever it stales,

as the attorney pushes for intricate details?



She perpetrated no wrong

yet her life is still water

her soul misses it’s jovial laughter

her heart misses it’s relishing song..


Author: Samiksha

My work, my thoughts, put down in the form of words, describe me better than anything else can!

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