An Ode to the Night


The crescent moon looks down at me

laughing,I am sure

earlier I had narrated to him my love tale

I had teased him for he was solitary

and my sweetheart outshone him

Ages have passed,

but its still fresh in my memory

he wasn’t teased,nor surprised

The moon,my closest but farthest friend

had smiled,as if sympathizing

yet saying nothing.

I narrated to him our smiles,our tears,our kisses


but one night wasn’t enough

I waited the next night

gazing at the pitch black sky

until I fell asleep

He hadn’t turned up

But the night had a romantic aura even without the moon

In the following days,he eventually showed up

Reluctant at first,then crescent,and finally in its unique amatory form.


That night,the clouds had veiled the moon

ensuring a heavy downpour

I had believed that rain fell only for passionate lovers

so I wanted to let this rain pour down on my lover and me

I ran down to where i knew i would find him

He was drenched

‘I love you’ He said. I smiled.

But he wasn’t looking at me

I followed his gaze

and saw her running towards him

They embraced.


And here i sit now,as lonely as my friend looking down at me

suddenly realizing he isn’t laughing

Its the same sympathetic look again,as if conveying,

‘You and I my friend,are meant to be alone with each other.’


Author: Samiksha

My work, my thoughts, put down in the form of words, describe me better than anything else can!

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